7/4-7/6/22 Clinical trial document translation: Korean to English back translation, Houston, Texas

Year 2020

  • 10/15-11/2  Patent translation, Samsung Electronics, Korean to English, Houston, Texas (Certification of Translation requested), 2 Korean translators + 1 reviewer assigned
  • 10/6/20  Patent translation, Korean to English, abstract and claims, Houston, TX
  • 10/8/20 Legal translation, Certified Legal translation of Korean Legal Q & A key terms:  guardian, testament trust (신탁), trustee (수탁인), Joint Tenant or Joint Account.  Houston, Texas

Dec. 2019

  • 3/11/20 Terminology update project (legal agreements), Korean translator / editor assigned, Austin, Texas
  • 2/19/20 Editing of medical documents, English to Korean translation, Dallas, Texas
  • 2/8-2/11/20 Korean to English translation, Investment / Stock trading, Houston, Texas
  • 1/29/20 Editing/proofreading, Medical translation, Korean translator assigned, Dallas, Texas
  • 1/29/20 Korean into English translation, clinical study, oncology, Austin, Texas
  • 1/7/20 Editing of 4 clinical study documents, Korean to English translation, Dallas, Texas
  • 12/9-13 Translation review, clinical study documents, protocol amendments, Korean to English, Houston, Texas
  • 12/4-7 Korean into English translation (Notarial Certificate of a Family Register), Dallas, Texas
  • 11/27/19-12/10/19 Review / edit of medical documents, Korean to English, Houston, Texas
  • 11/27/2019 Korean to English translation of clinical study documents, Bayer / Yonsei Severance Hospital, Dallas, Texas Title: A Phase 4 Long-term Follow-up Study to Define the Safety Profile of Radium-223 Dichloride

11/26-11/27 Review of legal translation from English to Korean, Corporate procedure, Dallas, Texas
11/25/19 Medical translation, protocol amendment, Korean to English, Dallas, Texas
11/22/19 Medical translation, Clinical trial, English to Korean, Houston, Texas
11/14-11/16/19 Business Certificates, pharmaceutical subjects, Korean to English translation, Dallas, Texas