Medical Translation

4/9/24 4/6/24 Medical Translation Review (Clinical Study), English to Korean, Dallas, Texas

1/22/24 Medical / Clinical Trial Translation Review, English to Korean, Dallas, Texas  PH-COPD  폐고혈압, 만성 폐쇄성 폐질환

11/7/23 Medical Translation Review Project, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Symptoms (PGIS-NSCLC), English to Korean Houston Texas

2/2/23 Medical Translation Review, Adult participants with pulmonary hypertension (PH) associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) between the ages of 40-80 (inclusive), English to Korean translation, 1 translator Dallas, Texas

11/17/22 Life Science Patent Translation, Roxithromycin, Korean to English, Translation Review, Dallas, Texas

11/10/22 Clinical trial, Korean translation review, Houston, Texas

11/9/22 Medical Translation – Clinical Trial, English to Korean translation, client change updates, Houston, Texas

10/26/22 Patent translation review, Korean to English translation, Dallas, TX

9/7/22 Medical Interpretation – COPD related, 만성 폐색성 폐질환, Dallas, Texas

7/4-7/6/22 Clinical trial document translation: Korean to English back translation, Houston, Texas

1/20/22 Medical Translation – Physicians’ Survey, 1 Korean translator assigned, Dallas, Texas

1/13-1/15/22 Medical Translation Project, Physician Survey, English to Korean translation, Houston, Texas

10/19/20 Korean Translation of Medical (Clinical Trial) Documents, Dallas, Texas

9/18/21 Korean<>English Translation Review Project – Clinical Trial documents, Investigational Drug for Heart Failure 심부전 증Dallas, Texas

9/15/21 Medical Translation Korean to English (Certified / Notarized), geriatric dementia NOS, Dallas, Texas