Real Estate Terms

Baloon payment:  빚을 분할 상환할 때 마지막 상환 금액이 평소의 분할 상환 액수보다 불어나서 많아진 지불형태

What is a balloon loan? A balloon loan is set up for a relatively short term, and only a portion of the loan’s principal balance is amortized over that period. The remaining balance is due as a final payment at the end of the term.

The term “balloon” indicates that the final payment is significantly large. Balloon payments tend to be at least twice the amount of the loan’s previous payments. Balloon payments are more common in commercial lending than in consumer lending because the average homeowner typically cannot make a very large balloon payment at the end of the mortgage.

Most homeowners and borrowers plan in advance to either refinance their mortgage as the balloon payment nears, or sell their property before the loan’s maturity date.

Beneficiary:  저당권에 의해 채권을 가지고 있는 자

Bequeath (동산을) 유언으로 양도하다, 부동산을 남기다

Bill of sale  동산 양도증서

Blockbusting  인종 분포가 달라지고 있는 주택가의 주택소유주들에게 부동산 투기 업자나 부동산 업자들이 공포감을 불어넣어 싼 값에 팔도록하는 불법행위

Breach 법적인 의무를 지키지 않는 것

Bundle of Right  재산 소유와 관련된 사용, 점유, 담보, 매각 처분권 등의 모든 권리